EpiMAX Affinity Purification Kit

A Simple Purification System with Maximum Yield

  • All-In-One Antibody Purification Kit
  • Quick and Simple Peptide/Protein Immobilization
  • Maximum Antibody Yield in Less Time
  • Verstile Gel Matrix with High Binding Capacity and Stability
  • Optimized for both manual gravity and automated pump

EpiMAX™ Affinity Purification Kit

EpiMAX™ Affinity Purification kit is a complete antibody purification solution for quick and easy purification of ultra pure antibodies. The EpiMAX™ Affinity Purification kit is compatible with manual or automated procedures and small or large scale antibody purifications.

Fig 1.Simple Reaction Scheme for coupling of peptide/protein to ASA gel matrix

EpiMAX™ Affinity Purification kit is based on Epitomics ASA (Activated Serial-A) Matrix Gel Technology which provides multiple benefits –

  • Easy column preparation with highly stable covalent immobilization of any SH- or NH3- containing target peptide/protein (Figure 1)
  • Immobilize both peptide and protein of any size and at various buffer and temperature conditions (Table 1).
  • Superior peptide coupling efficiency and binding capacity compared to traditional peptide based antibody purification (Figure 2)

EpiMAX™ Affinity Purification kit requires less purification time and provides higher yield of ultra pure (>95% purity) antibody compared to traditional peptide purification methods (Figures 3-5).

For Automated purification, EpiMAX™ Affinity Purification kit includes adjustable column adaptor for easy conversion between gravity and pump based purification

Fig 2. A comparsion of minimum and maximum values of peptide binding coupling efficiency (CE%) and antibody binding capacity (mg/ml of gel) between EpiMAX™ and traditional peptide based purification kit.

Fig 3. A comparsion of total purification steps and time between EpiMAX™ and traditional peptide based purification kit

Fig 4. A comparsion of minimum and maximumtarget antibody recovery (%) between EpiMAX™ and traditional peptide based purification kit


Fig 5. Western blot analysis on Jurkat cell lysate using Cyclin B1 RabMAb A) Crude antisera, B) flow-thru, C) EpiMAX™ Purified. Target band at 58 kDa.

Compatible Range
4°C to 50°C
6 to 10
Solvent Type
Organic and Inorganic

Product Listing

Product Name



EpiMAX™ Affinity Purification Kit

Kit (purification up to 5 different antibodies)

EpiMAX™ Affinity Purification Kit Manual

Requirements :

• Peptide for conjugation to the column must have SH- or NH3- terminal group.
• Sample requirement is as follows: ELISA based sample reading at 1:16K Dilution factor
   should be equal or greater than 0.50 (OD 280 reading).

List of Components :

•Activated Coupling Gel*

•Antigen Coupling Buffer
•Reductant Sodium
•Reductant Solution
•Peptide Dissolving Buffer
•Antisera Sample Buffer
•Antibody Elution Buffer
•Antibody Neutralization Buffer
•Chromatography Columns (5)
•Column Adaptor for Pump Usage (1)

*Bulk Size Available - contact info@epitomics.com or call 877-772-2622

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