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In Vitro Diagnostics

Introducing New EP Clones and EP Clones Cocktails

Epitomics is pleased to announce the release of new antibodies for anatomic pathology. We now have 28 new EP Clones including antibodies for the following targets: AFP, CD4, CD10, MUC2, MUM1, and PLAP. This includes seven antibodies to Lymphoma/Leukemia targets (MUM1), as well as Napsin A (Lung Cancer), MUC2 (Colon Cancer), and Cytokeratin 5 (Prostate Cancer).

In addition, Epitomics is introducing antibody cocktails, including the following target combinations: CK5 & CK14, CK5 & CK14 & p63, CK5 & CK6 & ERG, CK5 & ERG, and CK7 & CDX2.

Featured EP Clones

Image Product Name Clone ID Application Class Product Format
AFPEP209IHCIVDAC-0166 (1ml)
Aurora BEP136IHCIVDAC-0196 (1ml)
Cadherin-6EP217IHCRUOAC-0207RUO (0.1ml)
CD103EP206IHCRUOAC-0170RUO (0.1ml)
CD138EP201IHCIVDAC-0171 (1ml)
CD25EP218IHCIVDAC-0209 (1ml)
CD3 deltaEP177IHCIVDAC-0201 (1ml)
CD4EP204IHCIVDAC-0173 (1ml)
CD63EP211IHCRUOAC-0177RUO (0.1ml)
CD79bEP214IHCIVDAC-0204 (1ml)
CD95EP208IHCRUOAC-0178RUO (0.1ml)
CDK4EP180IHCRUOAC-0179RUO (0.1ml)
Claudin-5EP224IHCIVDAC-0212 (1ml)
Clusterin /Apolipoprotein JEP181IHCRUOAC-0180RUO (0.1ml)
Cytokeratin 5EP42IHCIVDAC-0181 (1ml)
Cytokeratin 5 + Cytokeratin 14CK5: EP24; CK14: EP61IHCRUOAC-9005RUO (0.5 ml)
Cytokeratin 5 + Cytokeratin 6 + ERGCK5: EP24; CK6: EP67; ERG: EP111IHCRUOAC-9004RUO (0.5 ml)
Cytokeratin 5 + ERGCK5: EP24; ERG: EP11IHCRUOAC-9007RUO (0.5 ml)
Cytokeratin 7 + CDX2CK7: EP16; CDX2: EP2IHCRUOAC-9006RUO (0.5 ml)
ERCC1EP219IHCRUOAC-0206RUO (0.1ml)
Glycophorin AEP213IHCIVDAC-0202 (1ml)
Granzyme BEP230IHCIVDAC-0213 (1ml)
Human Placental Lactogen (HPL)EP241 IHCIVDAC-0215 (1ml)
IgDEP173IHCIVDAC-0184 (1ml)
MammaglobinEP249IHCIVDAC-0219 (1ml)
MCM3EP202IHCRUOAC-0187RUO (0.1ml)
MSMB (PSP94)EP203IHCRUOAC-0198RUO (0.1ml)
MUM1EP190IHCIVDAC-0186 (1ml)
Myelin basic proteinEP207IHCIVDAC-0189 (1ml)
MyoD1EP212IHCIVDAC-0190 (1ml)
Napsin AEP205IHCIVDAC-0191 (1ml)
NDRG1EP200IHCRUOAC-0199RUO (0.1ml)
p57 Kip2EP183IHCIVDAC-0205 (1ml)
PLAPEP194IHCIVDAC-0192 (1ml)
PMEL17EP240IHCIVDAC-0216 (1ml)
PMS2EP51IHCIVDAC-0049 (1ml)
RAD51EP189IHCRUOAC-0193RUO (0.1ml)
S100A1EP184IHCRUOAC-0194RUO (0.1ml)
S100A9EP185IHCRUOAC-0195RUO (0.1ml)
S100PEP234IHCIVDAC-0208 (1ml)
ThrombomodulinEP175IHCRUOAC-0175RUO (0.1ml)
ThyroglobulinEP250IHCIVDAC-0220 (1ml)
TIA1EP243IHCIVDAC-0218 (1ml)
TryptaseEP259IHCIVDAC-0214 (1ml)